On-Demand Webinar

Accelerate Your Use of Metrics

The typical legal department is constantly working to improve its use of data and reporting to make smarter, more strategic business decisions. The department's culture, its use of technology, and the amount of available data all influence its position along the continuum of the legal business intelligence (BI) maturity model.

Whether your department is implementing a legal matter and spend management solution for the very first time or if you've had this type of technology in place for years, our expert will give you tips for accelerating your department forward in its BI maturity. View our webinar for an in-depth look at the legal BI maturity model and learn:

  • How to realistically evaluate where your legal department's reporting stands now

  • The key metrics that every general counsel should have at his or her fingertips

  • The types of advanced reports and metrics that strategic legal departments are using

  • Next steps to becoming more strategic in your use of metrics to manage your legal department

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