White Paper

A Practical Guide to VAT-Compliant Legal E-Billing in the EU

Deploying a legal e-billing solution in the European Union (EU) is sometimes perceived as "too complex", given the requirement to comply with varying regulations that support the value added tax (VAT) systems found throughout Europe.  In fact, reaping the benefits of e-billing can be achieved today by utilizing a software solution that is specifically designed to support VAT compliance requirements in the EU.

If your legal department is considering deployment of legal e-billing in the EU, this white paper offers practical advice for implementation.  Read our white paper to understand:

  • The basics of applicable EU value added tax (VAT) regulations

  • The key legal e-billing solution design components that will enable your department to meet its VAT compliance obligations

  • Common "myths" in the market about what constitutes a VAT-compliance solution

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