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TyMetrix 360° Network Admin

This course is designed for those who need to administer the system features of TyMetrix 360°.

It begins with the basics of matter management and spend management but quickly adds building blocks that every administrator of TyMetrix 360° should be familiar with. Administrators will become familiar with many features, role, and concepts that will allow them to administer their organization's needs. Shortcuts and best practices are also shown throughout this class.

Who should take this course?

  • Resources who need to administer the system and support end users

  • Resources who will design and implement the software

  • Clients with an internal legal administrative support team

  • Clients with a legal IT department or dedicated IT resources for legal

  • Anyone who will be performing actual configuration work in TyMetrix 360°

  • Anyone who needs to know the intent and capabilities of TyMetrix 360°


One-time fee per student. A training consultant will contact you with more details regarding this course and any questions you might have.

Length of Training

Two days.

Class Type

In-person at an ELM Solutions site.

Class Size

Maximum of 8 students.

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